our founders


Sara Kubida

Sara is an award-winning actor & filmmaker known for her drive as an artist to create positive change. She is a classically trained actress and studied Political Sociology at the University of California Berke- ley. As an activist, she organized events after the 2016 election, bringing women together while raising money and awareness for local women’s issues with organizations such as the NYCLU and Planned Parenthood. She founded Fifth Daughter Media, a haven for the wild woman, that celebrates creativity, collaboration, challenges audiences and empowers women. She is based out of Brooklyn, New York. Personal Website. 

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Campbell Dunsmore

Campbell holds a degree in Political Science from New York University, and has worked on international education development projects across western and eastern Africa. She is an advocate for eating disorder awareness, and has spoken at events around the northeast on behalf of the organizations ANAD and NEDA.  Additionally, she is a voracious consumer of information regarding conflicts in the Middle East. Most recently, she has been working on politically relevant video projects ranging from local political issues to international relations issues, hoping to inform particularly the millennial community about complicated happenings in their cities, the world, and everything in between. She is also a New York based actor and writer.