nonpartisan video interview series made by millennials for millennials


We are millennials on a mission to help other millennials claim greater political responsibility. We believe in the power of civil discourse, we believe in facts, and we believe in holding our politicians accountable for their words and their actions. We want to start authentic and meaningful conversations with political candidates around the country and provide a platform for electoral information that is difficult to find online. We are creating nonpartisan, accessible video content that holds politicians’ feet to the fire and seeks the truth. 

We want to engage the younger, video content-consuming generation with hopes empowering a generation of more engaged electorate. The advantage of video content is its ability to reach an audience that may not be informed about how local government works and why it’s important. 

Our ultimate vision for Candidates & Coffee is to create a platform that holds state and local officials more accountable to their constituents, makes information more accessible and pushes our generation to claim greater political responsibility.



Candidates & Coffee is an examination of nonpartisanship in 2018 when we believe there is an imminent threat to our democracy and human rights. We aim to support a movement of renewed civic action, productive discussion, holding our representatives accountable and talking to each other intelligently like real human people rather than just screaming into the void that is the internet.