Candidates & Coffee with State Senator David Bradley

We sat down with the strikingly genuine and delightful David Bradley, State Senator from Arizona District 10 at Ren Coffeehouse in Tucson, AZ! We talked about a bill he sponsored to reinstate Kids Care back in Arizona, how you are engaged in politics whether you realize it or not, the importance of getting in front of problems and understanding how things connect in order to make impactful change as a legislator, finding common ground in order to build a better future for those who come after us, his love and respect for Lady Gaga, JFK and more! 

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Interviewer: Sara Kubida

Created & Produced by: Sara Kubida and Campbell Dunsmore

Director of Photography: Aaron Araza

2nd Camera Op: Destiny Moreno

Edited by: David Spaltro

Sound Mixing: Monica Rodriguez 

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