Candidates & Coffee with Chris Kolker

We sat down with Chris Kolker, Democratic candidate for Colorado House District 38! We talked about his passion for making HD38 better - properly represented - for his family and yours, initiatives supporting public education, what being a teacher and coach has taught him as a first time candidate, his love of Ron Swanson (despite his Libertarianism) and more!

Watch our interview here!

Chris Kolker’s Campaign Website:

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Colorado Working Families Party Endorsement:

“Mental Health Colorado” Endorsement:

Endorsement by the Aurora Sentinel:

The Colorado Independent Voter Guide / Both Parties (his opponent didn’t fill out/ declined to respond):

Denver Post, House District 38 Voter Guide  /Both Parties (his opponent did not fill out/ declined to respond):

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Created & Produced by: Sara Kubida and Campbell Dunsmore 

Interviewer: Campbell Dunsmore

Director of Photography: Meryem Ersoz

Edited by: Alex Cherney

Sound Mixing by: R. Hollis Smith