Candidates & Coffee with Ann Kirkpatrick

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Ann Kirkpatrick, Democratic candidate for Arizona District 2, at Ren Coffeehouse! We talked about why she’s running in District 2 over District 1, her fierce support for the Affordable Care Act, coming from a bipartisan household, working with the late Senator John McCain on the Veteran Services Committee, her goal of making Tucson a totally green city and solar capital of the world and much more!

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Ann Kirkpatrick campaign website:

Ann Kirkpatrick Ballotpedia:

Kirkpatrick wins AZ 2nd district primary after representing the AZ 1st district:

Kirkpatrick Voting Record:

Kirkpatrick Key Endorsements:

Native Americans Serve in the US Military at a Higher Rate Than Any Other Ethnic Group:

Kirkpatrick, while running against John McCain for Senate in 2016, on why she didn't vote for the Dream Act:

Kirkpatrick announces $54 million grant for Navajo Diabetes Program:

Interviewer: Sara Kubida

Created & Produced by: Sara Kubida and Campbell Dunsmore

Director of Photography: Aaron Araza

2nd Camera Op: Destiny Moreno

Edited by: Alex New

Sound Mixing by: R. Hollis Smith

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