Candidates & Coffee with Representative Jovan Melton

We sat down with Representative Jovan Melton of Colorado House District 41 in Utah Park, Aurora, CO! He is the CO House Majority Whip, grew up in District 41 and knows it intimately, and talked about how local government is where sh*t really gets done. Watch the interview here!

*There have been two decade-old domestic assault allegations brought up against Representative Melton since we conducted this interview. There have been reports that House leaders have called for his resignation. He hasn’t, he denies the violent nature of the allegations, and the woman from the 2008 incident has since recanted. See below for more information. 

Rep. Melton’s Official site

Rep. Melton’s CO General Assembly Page

Rep Melton’s Ballotpedia

Bill Track on Rep Melton

Vice Chair of the Colorado Black Democratic Legislative Caucus

House leaders call on Rep. Melton to resign amid domestic violence allegations

One of the women recants her 2008 allegation against Rep Melton: // 

Article: Wellington Webb accuses Democratic House leaders of a “Jim Crow double standard” in the treatment of Rep. Melton:

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