Season 2 Premiere - Candidates & Coffee with Jason Crow


FOR OUR SEASON 2 PREMIERE we sat down with Candidate Jason Crow for Colorado District 6 in his Aurora, CO Office! We talked about his service in the military, why he doesn’t accept any corporate donations or PAC money, the passion he has for his community and the politician that inspired him most. Click here to watch!

Click below for more information on the Candidate:

Jason Crow’s Campaign Website

Campaign donations for both candidates in CO 06 

Article Fact-Checking attacks on Jason Crow’s record as an attorney

Where he stands on Gun Reform

His stance on Campaign Finance Reform

Ending Citizen’s United

Endorsements and Stances on pertinent issues

Interviewer: Campbell Dunsmore

Created and Produced by: Sara Kubida & Campbell Dunsmore

Director of Photography: Meryem Ersoz

Edited by: David Spaltro

Sound Mixer: Sean Kiely